Robert "Wheezer" Hutchins

Born March 29, 1925

The Our Gang films of Wheezer:

Baby Brother
Chicken Feed
Olympic Games
The Glorious Fourth
Playin' Hookey
The Smile Wins
Yale vs Harvard
The Old Wallop
Heebee Jeebees
Dog Heaven
Spook Spoofing 
Rainy Days
Edison, Marconi & Co.
Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
Fair and Muddy
Crazy House
Growing Pains
Old Gray Hoss
School Begins
The Spanking Age
Election Day
Noisy Noises
The Holy Terror
Wiggle Your Ears
Fast Freight
Little Mother
Cat, Dog & Co.
Saturday's Lesson
Small Talk 
Boxing Gloves
Lazy Days
Bouncing Babies
Moan & Groan, Inc.
Shivering Shakespeare
The First Seven Years
When The Wind Blows
Bear Shooters
A Tough Winter
Pups Is Pups
Teacher's Pet
School's Out
Helping Grandma
Love Business
Little Daddy
Bargain Day
Fly My Kite
Big Ears
Shiver My Timbers
Dogs Is Dogs
Readin' And Writin'
Free Eats
The Pooch
Hook And Ladder
Free Wheeling
Birthday Blues
A Lad An' A Lamp
Fish Hookey
Forgotten Babies
The Kid From Borneo
Mush And Milk

Undoubtedly, when it comes to winning smiles, little Wheezer scores high. Full of vigor and craftiness, Wheezer was frequently the center of attention even when he joined the Gang at age two. While providing some of the funniest Our Gang moments, Wheezer also proved himself a formidable dramatic actor. I would submit that his pathos-filled performance in "Dogs is Dogs" is as real and natural as any child actor has ever portrayed.

Sadly, it appears that Robert Hutchins' off-screen life may have been quite unhappy. It seems his parents kept him segregated from the rest of the cast, and an element of abuse is also suggested. When Wheezer left Our Gang in 1933, he also left show business. Very little is known about him until he turned 18 at which point he enlisted in the Army Air Corps, and served in the War. Shortly after WWII ended, Hutchins was killed in an aviation accident during a training exercise. He was only 20.

Though he lived a short life, Robert Hutchins left an indelible mark in the world. Wheezer's natural charm and winning smile will continue to delight audiences indefinitely.


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