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What happened to Our Gang videos?

Can they be found anywhere?

A few years ago Rascals fans rejoiced at the release of 21 volumes of Our Gang videos distributed by Cabin Fever Entertainment. They featured all of the talkies produced by Hal Roach and even threw in a few of the silent comedies. The best part about all of this was the fact that they were all fully restored. For the first time in many of our lives we were able to see Our Gang episodes the way it they were originally released, in their entirety and unedited. Included was one tape containing four shorts deemed too controversial by television censors to even air at all. We were literally seeing many of these films for the first time in 50 years. A new Rascals renaissance was underway. A whole new line of children were discovering the Gang along with their parents and grandparents.

Sadly, Cabin Fever Entertainment was recently bought out by Hallmark, (the greeting card company), and the entire series of Our Gang videos was discontinued. They are no longer available. If you stumble across any at a local Suncoast or music retailer, snag them up immediately. Other than that, you might be able to find some at (an auction), but prepare to pay a premium. Hallmark may re-release the series, but they have made no indications thus far.

You might be able to find a series of videos put out by Republic Pictures Home Video. Each tape contains two shorts. The quality hardly compares with the Cabin Fever tapes and not all the films are available in their series.

Also available are many of the MGM shorts owned by Turner Entertainment. These are the very last Our Gang comedies featuring Froggy, Janet, Robert Blake and others. I have no interest in collecting any of these films, which I consider substandard. However, I am told that the video quality is excellent.

Lastly, the most fun for me is collecting the silent Our Gang Comedies. Many of them can be bought from specialty dealers or you will have to find private collectors whith whom you can trade. Not that many of these are in dreadful condition. It would be wonderful if RHI decided to restore some more of the silents as they did in the Cabin Fever tapes! Here is a list of several places you can buy the silent movies.

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