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Scotty Beckett

According to my informal and online surveys, the Little Rascal frequently sited as the cutest was Scotty Beckett. Though he only appeared in fifteen shorts all of us can recall his snappy one-liners and natural rapport with his pal Spanky.

Sadly, Scotty went the path of many child stars and lived out a life of depression, drugs and desperation.

Scotty was born in Oakland California in 1929 and joined Our Gang at age four. Immediately, he was teamed up as Spanky's sidekick; the two of them inevitably outwitting the "big kids". (It would be a few years before Porky and Buckwheat would take over as kings of the "little kid" teams.) It is interesting to note that Scotty actually returned to the Gang as Alfalfa's nerdy "Cousin Wilbur" in two of the 1939 MGM shorts. By this time he was an established Hollywood actor, no doubt hired by MGM to loan commercial draw to the film.

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