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Jackie Cooper

Jackie Cooper, the Our Ganger with the most successful post-Roach career in show business, was born 9/15/22 (some sources say 1921).

Young even for Hollywood standards, he broke into show business at age 3, appearing as an extra along with his grandmother, who used to tote him along while looking for film work. Jackie appeared in only fifteen Our Gang films, but remains one of the best remembered. He left Roach to appear in "Skippy" for Paramount, after which his film career took off, gaining true film star status. As he grew older, parts became harder to find, and after serving in the Navy during World War II, he returned to acting, honing his skills in various features and stage productions. He became a star once again when he directed and starred in the successful television sitcom "The People's Choice" where he played a city councilman and followed that with other TV successes such as "Hennesey" and "Mobile One." Many recognize him recently for his roles as editor Perry White in the "Superman" series of films.

A Jackie Cooper Filmography

Boxing Gloves 
Bouncing Babies
Moan & Groan Inc.
Shivering Shakespeare
The First Seven
When The Wind Blows
Bear Shooters
A Tough Winter
Pups Is Pups
Teacher's Pet,
School's Out
Helping Grandma
Love Business
Little Daddy
Bargain Day
Sunny Side Up
The Champ
Young Donovan's Kid
Divorce In The Family
Needs A Friend
The Bowery
Broadway To Hollywood
Lone Cowboy
Peck's Bad Boy
Treasure Island
O'Shaugnessy's Boy
The Devil Is A Sissy
Tough Guy
Boy Of The Streets
Gangster's Boy
That Certain Age
White Banners
The Big Guy
Newsboy's Home
The Spirit Of Culver
Streets Of New York
Two Bright Boys
What A Life
Gallant Sons
The Return Of Frank James
Glamour Boy
Her First Beau
Life With Henry
Ziegfeld Girl
Men Of Texas
The Navy Comes Through
Where Are Your Children?
Kilroy Was Here
Stork Bites Man
French Leave
Everything's Ducky
The Love Machine
Superman II
Superman III
Superman IV
The People's Choice (1955-1958)
Hennesey (1959-1962)
Mobile One (1975)


Best Director Emmy for "Carry On, Hawkeye" episode of "M.A.S.H." (1974)
Best Director Emmy for pilot episode of "The White Shadow" (1979)


"Please Don't Shoot My Dog"

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