Harry Spear

Born December 16, 1921

Harry was born in Los Angeles, so he didn't have to go far to break into film work. After appearing in a few westerns, he hooked up with Roach at age five in 1927 to appear in his first of thirty-one Our Gang comedies.

His career didn't last much into the sound era, as he was replaced at age seven after appearing in only five sound shorts. After leaving Roach, Harry toured the vaudville circuit. Little or nothing is known about Harry since then. As an interesting side note, Brad Farrell, Grand Sheik of the A-Haunting We Will Go Sons of the Desert Tent in Ohio, conducted an extensive search for Harry, and feels he may have found him living in California. He relates the details of this search in a multi-part article in his "Dante's Info" newsletter, concluding that Harry may be a possible "reverse Rascal impersonator" -- an Our Gang actor who claims NOT to be one!

The Our Gang films of Harry Spear:

-- silent --
Chicken Feed
Olympic Games
The Glorious Fourth
Playin' Hookey
The Smile Wins
Yale vs Harvard
The Old Wallop
Heebe Jeebees
Spook Spoofing
Rainy Days
Edison, Marconi, & Co.
Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
Fair And Muddy
Crazy House
Growing Pains
Old Gray Hoss
School Begins
The Spanking Age
Election Day
Noisy Noises
The Holy Terror
Wiggle Your Ears
Fast Freight
Little Mother
Cat, Dog & Co.
Saturday's Lesson

-- sound --
Small Talk
Boxing Gloves
Lazy Days
Bouncing Babies

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