Studio Directions


Here's the directions to the site of the Hal Roach Studios (which was demolished in 1963).

First, you need to find your way to Culver City and, more specifically, Washington Blvd. I'll pick up with the directions at the intersection of Washington and Culver Blvd, heading North (or North-East-ish) on Washintgon Blvd:

Drive past the Culver Studios (on your right) about two blocks until you get to Higuera Street (on the right). You are almost at the site. Keep driving on Washington Blvd and make a right on the next street, called "Landmark Street" (appropriately named!). Landmark Street dead ends fairly quickly, but by driving on Landmark Street, you are driving through what used to be the heart of the Hal Roach Studios lot.

If you turnaround at the end of Landmark and head back to Washington Blvd, then make a right on Washington Blvd, you'll quickly come up to a railroad crossing (well, you can just barely discern that there were railroad tracks there. The old studio lot went right up to the railroad tracks.

You'll notice a small park on the other side of the tracks on the right. There is a plaque at the park that says "Site of the Hal Roach Studios". Don't be misled - the site is NOT where the little park is, but it is on the OTHER side of the tracks.


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