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The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang
By Leonard Maltin and Richard Bann
The definitive book on the entire series.

You're Darn Right It's Butch: Memories of Our Gang the Little Rascals
By Tommy Bond and Ron Genini

The Turned-On Hollywood 7: Jackie remembers Our Gang
By Jackie Lynn Taylor
Found it for $35 at a used book store here in Hollywood. It's classic! Published in 1970, Jackie, love her heart, attempts to compare OG to the hippies of the (then) times. Of course, you can make the analogy, but the execution makes it a true collectible. -Rick R.

Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star : But Don't Have Sex or Take the Car
By Dick (Dickie) Moore (1984)

Growing Up in Hollywood

By Robert Parish
(1976) Parish, later a screen writer, was a minor Gangster in the late silent era and gives some humorous, if not exactly complimentary, descriptions of his audition for the Gang and of the way the films were directed. (Parish was also one of the news boys in Chaplin's "City Lights.") -Ken Regez.

Those Little Rascals : The Pictorial History of Our Gang
By Rebecca Gulick
Copyright 1993 Brompton Books Corporation. It's a nice book with lots of pictures. -DBussen

Please Don't Shoot My Dog : The Autobiography of Jackie Cooper
By Jackie Cooper with Dick Kleiner (1981)


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