Dorothy Deborba

(Born March 28, 1925)

Adorable Dorothy DeBorba was with the Gang for three years, beginning her career at age five. Quickly, Dorothy became an audience favorite with her trademark curls and elaborate hair bows. Her mother made those bows and would spend two hours every night brushing and putting Dorothy's hair up in curlers. Of course, her natural energy and mischievousness added to her appeal! Today the style is coming back en vouge with those who have an affinity for vintage clothing and fashion.

Dorothy left show business shortly after her Our Gang career. Today, she lives in Livermore, California and recalls her Rascals days vividly and with fondness. When I spoke to her recently at a Sons of the Desert meeting, she reminisced that "...the boys (in the series) were given all the best lines." Ironic indeed, for anyone who has seen "Love Business", where Dorothy delivered some of the funniest lines in the entire series! A real charmer.


Great lines in cinema history:

...or at least some pretty funny ones from "Love Business"!

In this film Dorothy, nicknamed "Echo" by the studio (though never called that in any short) is mimicking her older brother (Chubby) as he rehearses some love-lines he intends to deliver to Miss Crabtree.

Chubby: "Darling, can you hear the pleas in my whispers."
To which Dorothy attempts to repeat: "Darling, I hear the fleas in your whiskers!" (174kb wav file)

Chubby:: "If love is like a rose, I will pick my rose in a bud."
Dorothy:: "If love is like a rose, I will stick my nose in the mud!"(202kb wav file)

Chubby:: "My heart is filled with joy, I want to trip and dance."
Dorothy:: "My heart is filled with joy, I want to rip my pants!" (230kb wav file)

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